Designed for Streamers

SubsOnly makes sure that only you, your admins and your subscribers can access your site. Because of this, it’s safe for you to publicly share your site’s URL which means you don’t have to send out private messages to new subscribers anymore.

Feature Packed

SubsOnly currently allows you to create private pages, forums, polls and automated server whitelisting forms for your subscribers. We're constantly adding new features to the app and we are always looking for feedback from our users!


SubsOnly takes your privacy and security seriously and has put many measures in place to keep your content safe. We encrypt all of your site's sensitive content before storing it in our database and we make sure all web traffic is sent over HTTPs when accessing SubsOnly.

Community Driven

SubsOnly is constantly asking for feedback via Twitter, our Blog and polls. We encourage users to email us with what they like, what they don't like and what they would like to see in the future using the contact buttons below!

Easy to Customise

You don't need to know how to code to use SubsOnly. We provide you with a simple editor to add as much content as you want without touching a line of code. BUT if you do know your way around HTML you can work with that as well.


SubsOnly is entirely free! Partners can create as many pages, forums, polls and server whitelisting forms as they want and we encourage them to do so! If you decide you like the project and want to support us, we're being funded via CreatorLove!






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